Is it possible to be consistently happy if everything you ever wanted …BECAME EVERYDAY?

I’m going to give someone the chance to find out.” – Russ Priestley

We are a brand new TV show, where a group of 10 people are transported to a luxurious villa situated on a sun-drenched Island.

Against this idyllic backdrop they will compete against each other for the chance to win the show’s ultimate prize.

The winner will get the chance to enjoy a potentially life changing experience using the all access, Perfect World Black Card, loaded with a six figure sum and attached to the World’s best concierge service.

Will it make them truly happy? I guess we’ll find out…

The Process


Online Applications


Selected for self video application


Selected for Interviews


Selected for online votes stage


Selected for in-depth interviews


Selected to appear on show


Winner of the Perfect World Project

The Final 10


“Passionate and fun-loving, there is nothing more powerful than the force within me and the willingness to create my perfect future”


“I’ve been put on this planet to give people laughter and happiness which I aim to do with everyone I meet whilst making sure I better the lives of my immediate family”.


“Roller skating Unicorn Smarties, how unpredictably outside the box funny but utterly determined and inspiring Disney is; which is why Everyone loves The D”


“I would describe myself as someone that is willing to go one step further in order to succeed no matter what the cost.”


“I am first and foremost a mother, my daughter is the making of me, I am a passionate, caring and extremely hard working woman who wants to help the world and in that I’ll find everything.”


“Charismatic, fun, influential and quick-witted Irishman with a proven track record in using his natural gift of the gab to hustle his way onto National television.”


“I’m a happy go lucky person, bursting with energy, an absolute scatter brain but with a huge heart, I have a lot of love to give, especially for animals, I want to help with animal welfare and make the world fab-u-LOIS!”


“I am an effervescent lover of life who is open, down to earth and ballsy, with a laugh that can be heard for miles.”


“I am a charismatic,charming character who lights up life with laughter! ”


“Kindest drama queen with an exceptional love for animals.”