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The Top Ten Things for your Bucket List

As the psychologist R.D Laing put it; “Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the death rate is 100%”. Of course Robert is right. So before you shuffle off this mortal coil it might be a good idea to do a few things. Stuck for ideas? Well take a look at our Top Ten Things for your bucket list.

10. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Come on admit it, Guitar hero isn’t an instrument, despite what your mates post pub sessions claim. No, truly mastering a musical instrument can be a totally spiritual experience and at the very least you will learn to appreciate music on a new level. However, whilst learning you might want to consider another item on your list, such as live like a hermit at a remote location.

9 Skinny Dip in the Ocean

Ok, the chances are you’ve already done this, but that time at Skegness when you were three doesn’t count. Of course location and timing are everything here. Being arrested for exposure isn’t you should aspire to. That said, it’s often the simpler pleasure in life that are the best, and it doesn’t get much simpler than this.

8. Crowd Surf

Iggy Pop is said to have invented crowd surfing back in the 70’s. Although that’s a bit like claiming to have invented the boiled egg. Whatever its origins, one thing is certain. Crowd surfing is pretty much an all or nothing affair. On one hand you are going look like a rock god. On the other you are going to look like a total loser with a one way ticket to A & E. It also helps to pick the right venue. Crowd surfing tends not to go down well at Adele concerts.

7. Throw a Dart at a Map and Travel to Where it Lands

A variation of the classic ‘pin in a map’, this item combines mystery, travel, whimsy and darts. What more could you wish for? Of course, just how well this pans out will depend very much on your throwing skills and your map.

6. Get good at a sport/physical activity

What you choose to do is entirely up to you. This item is about mastery of yourself and that of a challenging physical activity. So provided you don’t do something completely stupid, such as opting for golf, you can’t go wrong. Succeeding in a sport can wash away all those years of P.E. humiliation and do wonders for yourself esteem. It also allows some “back in the day” bragging rights when your not so mobile, possibly as a result of your exertions.

5. Set foot in all Seven Continents

It’s a wide world out there so why not go and see all of it? Luckily, Plate Tectonics have divided the planet into bite sized chunks that make for a perfect check list. You might want to hurry up on this one though. With 27,000 people visiting Antarctica last year alone, membership to this exclusive travel club is growing fast.

4. Jump off a cliff

“And if they jumped off a cliff, would you too?” Said every mum ever. But in this instance it could be a very good thing to do. Rather than just starting to run off the nearest drop, we recommend doing this at one of the multitude of dedicated and safe (ish) sites around the world. There are even some on the coasts of Britain for those with a strong constitution and lack of ambition.

3. Go out into the Wilderness

It worked for Jesus and it can work for you too! In our modern age we tend not to interact with nature in any meaningful way. Actually going out into the wilderness, far from any human comfort or assistance can be incredibly cathartic and serve up perspective in spades. We recommend consulting expert advice before going and if traversing bear country, travelling with a companion who can’t run as fast as you.

2. Go on an Epic Road Trip.

We don’t mean trying to go all the way clockwise around the M25. Cinema teems with more interesting examples and you can easily recreate the fun yourself. There are many ways to go about this, with perhaps the most amusing being the ‘Crumball Rally’. The idea is that you take a car that cost you no more than £200 and try to get to a predetermined destination in Europe. If and when you arrive you scrap the car and fly back. Can you make it? Will you win? Who knows? But, attempting to drive a thousand miles in a crappy banger along with a load of other demented ‘Crumballers’ sounds like a lot of fun.

1. Work for a NGO/Charity abroad

To give is to receive and spending some time doing charity work abroad will not only give you a better understanding of the world, but also an appreciation of your privileged place on it. With that in mind it’s quite possible that afterwards you might look at your friends in a different light. Especially when they describe what a nightmare day they had when their broadband went down and they missed recording Game of Thrones.


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    • Jane Mackenzie

      1. Travel around South America
      2. Learn to kite surf
      3. Race a super car
      4. Swim with whale sharks
      5. Get married by Elvis at the Chapel of love in Las Vegas
      6. Ski in the Alps & Whistler
      7. Go on Safari in Zambia
      8. Train for a white collar MMA fight
      9. Spend 2 weeks in a luxury apartment on stilts on the waters of Bora Bora and Mauritius
      10. Take a year sabbatical to work for charities globally.

  1. Gail Jeffrey

    10. Take a little less
    9. Give back a little more
    8. Smile more with both my lips and my eyes
    7. Listen well
    6. Look up more
    5. Forgive more
    4. Be more grateful
    3. Walk in the shoes of others
    2. Love well
    1. Improve upon each of the above; every day.

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