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The Top Ten Moments in Life

Life is a series of ups and downs and twists and turns – a wide range of experiences which start to unfold from the minute we are born. Given that things can get tough, sometimes it’s useful to reflect on the best that life has to offer. With that in mind, allow us to present what we feel are the top ten life moments. How many can you tick off?

10. Waking up, thinking you have to go to work, but it’s really Saturday.

You wake up feeling tired. You think you may have overslept and then there is the crashing dread that you need to get in to work. A moments panic and then a huge wave of relief as you realise today is Saturday. Pure Bliss. Wake me in an hour, maybe two.

9. The Last Day of School

Exams, double maths, Mr Bolton the geography teacher and cross country runs in sub-zero temperatures. After today they will all be a distant memory as you pass one of the major milestones of life. There’s a slight worry about the future, whether its College, University, a Job or even indecision. The sadness of parting friends and a goodbye to the one teacher that made a difference. But none of this matters. It’s summer, the sun is shining and school has finished forever, school’s out completely…

8. First Holiday without Parents

You’ve managed to convince the powers that be that you are responsible enough to go away for two weeks to a notorious hedonistic hotspot. A trip to Boots, a quick Easyjet and you have landed at an unbridled paradise that offers Full English for under a fiver. Cue enough binge drinking to put Amy Winehouse to shame, questionable hook ups with someone from Bolton and intense sunburn. Meet you here again next year? Totally!

7. Your First Paycheck

You’ve worked all month in a job you don’t really understand. At points you weren’t even sure you would make it this far. But the mistakes have been forgiven, you are a little wiser and now the pay-off is actually here. You’ve arrived as a functioning member of the human race, a person of independent means. It’s the most money you’ve ever had and it’s yours to spend on whatever you want. So what are you waiting for? The weekend has landed and the Milky Bars are on me! (Until Monday at least).

6. Moving out of Home

It’s perhaps a little daunting, and you live in a place with a square footage of double figures, but at least it’s your home. You can stay up all night, play loud music, and avoid the old man advising you to ‘leave it for a couple of minutes‘. The only person you need to consider is yourself. That and the growing pile of laundry. Then again, you could always take it to Sunday lunch at mums…

 5. Falling in Love

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. Everyone remembers their first love, the intensity, depth of feeling and the conviction that nobody on the planet has ever felt like this before. Looking back it seems ridiculous but it still raises a smile to your face to this day if for no other reason than ‘what was I thinking?!’

4. Working out want you want to do with your life

The day it actually dawns on you what you want to do with your life is a game changer. All of a sudden the future seems to be clear and the pieces fall in place. It’s as exciting as it is nerve racking, but now at least you know your destination. The hard part is convincing the rest of the world you are able to do it.

3. Meeting your Soul Mate

Ok the others might have been idiots (as your friends were more than happy to point out) but this time you’ve found the one. If you weren’t in love you would be best friends and you know that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. They even get on with your mates!

2. Getting Married

There’s been months of planning, expense and stress but finally the big day is here. You are surrounded by your family friends and loved ones and you are making the pledge to spend the rest of your life with the person you love the most. The inappropriate best man’s speech, your drunken uncles dance moves and in no small part, a wave of relief.

1. The Birth of your Child

Up until this point it’s been pretty much about you and your S.O. From this moment on you would willingly give your own life for that of your child. Forget the years of sleep deprivation, worry and exhaustion, this is the most joyous thing you have ever experienced. Your friends without kids just don’t get it and neither did you until today.


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    • Kyle fortis-carter

      My best moments getting married and the birth of my first, daughter then my two sons best moments you could ever wish for in your lifetime

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