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The Top Ten Dream Jobs

Recent research found that nearly half of the people interviewed hated their job. This might not seem like news to you, but take a look around the average office and consider the fact that every other person desperately wants out. It’s a sobering thought. So if we don’t like what we are currently doing, what else could we possibly do? American Express commissioned a survey to find out what our dream jobs were. It’s a list that is as surprising for its inclusions as it is for its omissions.

10. Holiday Rep

The tenth best job in the world is apparently being a holiday rep. Of course just how dreamy this position is very much depends on the holiday itself. For some the chavenistic charms of Shagaluf will seem like a paradise. For others it will represent Hell on Earth. Perhaps though, this entry is more about the British weather than it is about the most fantastic career imaginable.

9. TV Personality

Despite what Sci-fi films have been telling us for decades, the 21st century won’t be remembered for killer robots or cars that fly. Rather, it will be remembered as the age of the wannabe. No surprise then that TV Personality makes the list. Of course the term TV Personality can be somewhat ambiguous. On one hand you have Kit Harington, on the other the Chuckle Brothers. Perhaps the deciding factor on which is best should be the ratio of pantos to blockbusters the personality has starred in.

8. Doctor

In a trend that is becoming somewhat concerning, we find another vague job title. At number 8 we have ‘doctor’. One might be tempted to ask, a doctor of what (physics, archaeology, love?) but we won’t be that facetious. Instead we will presume its an M.D. Healing the sick is a worthy career, no doubt and if you can get past the long working hours, commitment to strike and unintelligible handwriting, one that’s certainly worth pursuing.

7. Teacher

We all remember that one special teacher. Luckily the times have changed and that type of behaviour is frowned upon. That said, it would seem that the 7th best dream job is being a teacher. The good news is that for those that want to make a difference in the class room there has never been a better time. With 50,000 teachers quitting their jobs last year alone, demand is at an all time high! Hey wait a minute…

6. Lawyer.

Perhaps the reason behind Lawyer featuring in the list is the draw of the salary. If you have ever picked up a law book you will realise it’s certainly not the prose that’s the draw. However, following a career in law might not provide the dividends one might expect, at least initially that is. The wage for a trainee lawyer can be as low as £16,650. Once qualified, pay can be expected to rise from £25,000 to £40,000, with some of the larger firms paying anywhere from £58,000 to £80,000. If you manage to become a barrister you can expect to earn between £12,000 and £90,000 in the first year. Within 5 years expect anything between £50,000 to £200,000. Those with more than ten years experience can earn over a million a year. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

5. Artist

There are many types of artist, from performance to recording. However we assume that this category refers to a successful artist in the field of ‘Arts’. Therefore, someone who’s in the running for a Turner rather than a crafter of ornate hedgehogs destined for a table top fair near you. Being able to create a physical manifestation of ones thoughts and feelings is truly aspirational. But perhaps the message one hopes to convey is paramount.

4. Actor

The big screen, the Oscars and film premiers. Surely there is no life more glamorous than an actors? Well, perhaps there is. The Telegraph reported in 2014 that half of those working as actors were living below the poverty line. 56% of Equity members were earning less than £10,000 a year. Of course this doesn’t factor in the out of work actors or those who are actors but currently work in other professions, AKA non actors.

3. Scientist

Science: The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Sounds like a worthy endeavour. Science has provided humanity with the technological age, unknown life expectancy and an understanding of the universe hereto only dreamed of. Then again, it also allows us to destroy everything on the planet with a push of a button, hugely impact negatively on the biosphere we inhabit and makes us go into a cold sweat when we lose our phones. All in all though it must be said that science is a good thing, at least compared to the alternatives.

2. Musician

Once again there is a big range to choose from here. Buskers can typically earn anything from £30-£70 a day. A pop superstar could earn between 14 to 70 million pounds during their lifetime as an artist. As with art, music is really about the pleasure of creating. Obviously, the more people that enjoy the creation, the better for your bank balance.

1. Shopkeeper

Napoleon famously described Britain as a nation of shopkeepers and thieves. If this survey is to be believed (and we are struggling) he was at least half right. Yes folks, it seems that the top job of our wildest dreams is shopkeeper. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with being a shopkeeper, but seriously?! We may not actually live in a Perfect World, but couldn’t we set our aspirations a little higher than being a Till Jockey?


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