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The Top Ten Most Expensive Yachts in the World

When it comes to wealth The List has taken a look at the finest cars, hotels and homes on the planet. If you thought they were extreme, think again. When it comes to wacky wealth, nothing screams super-rich like your own personal yacht. We aren’t talking about pleasure cruisers here, these things literally rule the waves when it comes to floaty affluence. So come aboard and take in the world’s ten most extreme nautical rides. Best leave your scepticism (and taste) on the dock though.

10. The Rising Sun – £139,700,000

At just shy of £140 million, The Rising Sun kicks off our list of insania. Bare in mind that at that price, it would enter at number 7 on the most expensive homes list. Coincidentally, The Rising Sun was also owned by Larry Ellison, owner of the 6th most expensive home. These days ownership is shared with David Geffen of Dreamworks fame. The yacht can accommodate 16 guests in palatial style and features include a wine cellar, cinema and basketball court that doubles up as a helipad . The Rising Sun can reach speeds of 28 kn so you can even water ski behind it, which is something that would be mandatory if we owned it.

9. Seven Seas – £139,700,000

Okay, so it’s a joint place for the Seven Seas as far as expense goes. But because it’s owned by Steven Spielberg, we think that puts it just ahead. Certainly, little change from £140 million quid is more likely to bring a tear to your eye than the end of E.T. Features include an infinity pool, helipad, fully equipped gym and a massage room and spa. The infinity pool features a glass wall that can double up as a projector screen. That is if you don’t fancy using the cinema in the interior. Also it’s all plain sailing on the Seven Seas, thanks to its innovative stability system that sees it glide smoothly through the Seven Seas at a not too shabby 20 kn.

8. Lady Moura – £146,680,000

When built the Lady Moura was the 9th largest yacht in the world, although subsequently it’s slipped to 28th place. But don’t let that put you off this floating palace. It’s owned by Saudi businessman Dr. Nasser Al Rashid, reportedly a billionaire 20 times over. Features include 24 karat name plate (and if you check the image, you can see it’s a big one), accommodation for 30 guests, spa, casino, helipad (they all have helipads) and a nightclub. If you are unfortunate enough to require surgery whilst sailing, fear not. The Lady Moura also features a fully equipped operating theatre. It would seem that every eventuality has been taken care of then.

7. Al Mirqab – £174,620,000

The Al Mirqab is owned by the Prime Minister of Qatar. It can accommodate 24 guests and boasts no less than 2 VIP owners suites. It also has a cinema, a series of outside bars, swimming pool, jacuzzi and of course a helipad. The ship is served by a crew of 55. Other details are sketchy but it would seem the perfect place then to entertain some FIFA officials whilst you fling them a bung. Allegedly…

6. Dilbar – £183,700,000

The Dilbar is named after owner Alisher Usmanov’s mother. Usmanov is Russia’s richest man and purportedly worth around £11 billion. Despite being one of the largest yachts in the world, very little is known about the Dilbar’s interior. We can reveal that it was crafted by renowned interior designer Alberto Pinto, so it’s not going to be ‘bad’. 20 guests at a time can stay on the yacht and it fields a crew of 47. The rest is pure speculation, but if the other yachts are anything to go by, imagination is the only limiting factor. Mama Dilbar must of been quite a girl.

5. Al Said – £209,000,000

The Al Said is the world’s third largest yacht and has the highest displacement of 15,850 tons, which is around the same as the WW2 Heavy Cruiser, Graf Spee. Unfortunately the Al Said doesn’t feature 28 inch guns, but it does have a concert hall large enough to hold an entire orchestra. Its owner is Qaboos bin Said Al Busaidi, AKA – The Sultan of Oman. The Sultan can comfortably entertain up to 70 guests on the Al Said as they cross the ocean at a sprightly 22 kn whilst being pampered by the 154 strong crew.

4. Superyacht A – £226,530,000

The unimaginatively named A is owned by 8 times billionaire Andrey Melnichencko. Its name comes from the desire of Melnichencko to see it appear first in the shipping registers. Superyacht A is actually rather small when compared to the other leviathans on this list. It can cater for a total of just 14 guests. However, it can boast 3 swimming pools. But perhaps the most striking feature of the A are its lines. It looks like something Captain Nemo would sail around in.

3. Dubai – £245,470,000

Whilst being the 3rd most expensive, the Dubai is actually the world’s second largest yacht. Unsurprisingly, its owner is the Sultan of Dubai. The massive interior can make home for 72 guests and 88 crew. The interior features a spectacular multi-coloured glass staircase, numerous VIP suites and variety of pools and spas across its seven decks. It even has its own squash court. Despite her size the Dubai can reach speeds of 26 kn. So, if you’re in a hurry and fancy a game of seaborne squash, this is the vessel for you.

2. Eclipse – Estimated – £315,600,00 – £1,500,000,00

The actual cost of the Eclipse is unknown and estimates vary widely. It is owned by our old friend Roman Abramovich. As we have seen from his housing tastes, Roman doesn’t muck around when it comes to luxury. The Eclipse features accommodation for 36 guests, a cinema, conference room, children’s playroom, beauty salon, dance floor, sauna and of course two swimming pools and helipads. If you are worried about unwanted attention, you shouldn’t be. Perhaps the most costly addition to the Eclipse is its anti-missile defence system, which uses ultra-fast firing chain-guns to intercept any incoming missiles. Paparazzi shouldn’t be a problem either as it features a high-tech anti photo system that baffles cameras. You will also be able to sink to new depths thanks to its on board submarine.

1. The History Supreme – £3,000,000,000

If you thought the Eclipse was crazy, be prepared to meet the most certifiable boat on the sea. Clocking in at a cool £3 billion the mentally monikered History Supreme is also the smallest yacht on this list, at just 30 metres in length. There are several reasons it’s the most expensive yacht afloat, but probably the main one is that it’s made from gold. Yes, the boats hull is plated with 100 tons of gold and platinum. Inside features include a statue made from the real bone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  As well as the hull, the deck rails and anchor are also plastered with 24 ct gold. In the bar you will find a luxury liquor bottle inset with one of the world’s rarest 18.5 ct diamonds. It was designed by madcap jeweller Stuart Hughes of the £6,000,000 24 carat iPhone fame. The History Supreme is so out there that there are some that doubt it even exists. We’ll let you be the final judge. One thing is for certain, if it is for real, its mystery owner loves gooooold.

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